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Yorkshire Terrier (Great Britain)

Yorkshire Terrier

History and Origin

The Yorkshire Terrier originated from Yorkshire, the North of England. The Yorkshire Terrier's history started in the middle of the 19 centuries. The onset of the Industrial Revolution being in England in that time, many former agricultural workers came to Yorkshire to seek work at coal mines, textile mills and factories. Some of them brought their dogs - various types of terrier of that time to catch rats. The crosses between those dogs produced the original Yorkie. At first, the Yorkshire Terrier was a much bigger than today's Yorkie, but by selectively breeding the smallest individuals, the dog was gradually miniaturized over the years. They were made into a toy dog. The Yorkshire Terrier appeared fist time on a dog show in 1870. In 1874 the first the Yorkies were registered in the British Kennel Club stud book.

Temperament and Personality

Yorkshire Terriers are alert, vivacious, playful, charming and clever. They don't need a lot of excercise but do like to run and play. Despite its little size the Yorkie is fearless, saucy and always eager for challenges. They defend their territory and are excellent watchdog.

Size and Appearance

The Yorkshire Terrier is a long-coated small-size toy dog. The weight of these dogs should not exceed 7 lb., the height should be 6-7 inches. The long body coat is glossy, fine, silky and straight. Hair on the muzzle is very long.


The Yorkshire Terrier's long hair need daily combing and brushing. Most pet Yorkies have their coats trimmed short or shaved for convenience. The Yorkie coat does not shed. Life Span is about 12-15 years.



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