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Chihuahua \ Chihuahuenio (Mexico)


History and Origin

The Chihuahua (often nicknamed as ChiChi) is the smallest god in the world. The Chihuahua originated from Mexico and was named by the state Chihuahua. The breed has long history. According the legends these dogs were involved in the religious worship of the Aztecs. Some carvings of The Chihuahua were found in the pyramids of Cholula, Mexico.

Temperament and Personality

The Chihuahua is devoted, swift, graceful, alert. This breed requires a lot of human attention and love. The Chihuahua can walk long distance but can be satisfied with short ones or even without any at all. They make good companions for elderly and busy people. The breed is apt for injury and doesn't suit for small children. They are small, dainty but saucy, strong-willed and can bite if vexed. They also tend to be fairly dog-aggressive. Need proper socializing.
These gods are very adaptable and hardy, but they are very sensitive to cold temperatures and can get cold. They also can suffer from heatstroke. The Chihuahua should not live outside. It is the breed for apartment living.

Size and Appearance

Weigh is 2-6 pounds, height 6 - 9 inch. Has cobby body and soft coat. Any color is accepted, fawn, chestnut,sand, silver prevalent. There are two varieties of the Chihuahua: long and smooth coat.


Long-coated Chihuahuas need daily brushing, Short-coated Chihuahuas should be brushed occasionally with a soft-bristle brush or wiped with a soft cloth. Needs cuting claws and monthly grooming.
Life span is of 11 to 18 years.
The breed is recognized by AKC and TKC

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