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The WCF was founded on 1988 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by three clubs which were seeking for more democratic and human procedures in the cat fancy, more than other existing federations ever had. Right now the WCF consists of more than 540 clubs throughout the world covering all continents including the Untited States.

The WCF is registered in Germany as "eingetragener Verein" and - when European community is ready - in Brussel as an European federation, too.

The WCF takes part at consultations, arranged by the European parlament in Strasbourg, and is responsible for animal welfare and legislation in some working parties and hearing. A WCF member, wether it is a club or a federation, is independent in his business.

The WCF's responsibilities are ...

  • international cattery registration
  • education, training and examination of the international judges
  • standards and points
  • giving rules and classes at shows
  • international liaisons

WCF - licensed judges

General Information


WCF licensed judges are educated by international rules. They have to follow several orders. In our list you will also find judges from cooperate associations, i.e. EGCA, which have been affiliated for judge education an examination according to WCF rules, as well as from other world organisations, i.e. CFA or TICA, whose judges are welcome to our WCF shows.

WCF only recognizes examination for a complete hair category, no part examinations. these will not be accepted. Shows starting in 1998 will only have licensed judgesm as decided by the general assembly. The inviting clubs will check the license number on the keycard and the confirmed hair category. Only for the hair categories confirmed on the keycard the judge can be used. The hair categories are written at the bottom, i.e. LH, SH, SLH, SOSH and AB (Allbreed). If something is not correct between the Internet list and the keycard please contact the general secretary's office.

Code of honor


WCF licensed judges will have refund for accomodation, beverages, travel expenses and a gift from the organisation by decision of the inviting club, if the judge works. The work as a judge is free of charges. It is forbidden to collect additional charges for a cat. Neglection of this code of honour will be notified to the WCF head office and this judge will be expelled.

Special Information for licensed judges


WCF licensed judges are responsable to keep the validity of their license under surveillance. If the validity of license expires, the license has to be returned to WCF. To renew the license you have to send the following documents to the WCF office:

  • a new application form (with official stamp of your club)

    one new passport photograph

    proof of payed prolongation fee DM 30,- (for three years)

The new licese will be issued immediately. WCF account at the Commerzbank AG, Essen, BLZ 360 400 39,
Kto.-No. 430 30 12


For Immediate Release, blank of blank 1999 World Cat Congress

In 1994 at the initiative of the Italian member of the Federation Internationale Feline (FIFe), a gathering of representatives of some of the world?s major cat organisations took place in Venice. The purpose was to discuss matters of mutual interest and concern such as cat legislation and feline welfare which affects all cat lovers, from the pedigree breeder to the pet owner.

Some of those taking part saw the importance of international co-operation and the FIFe, with the support of its member bodies in Italy, Holland, Denmark and Sweden, has hosted an annual meeting which has become known as the World Cat Congress. These meetings were held in conjunction with seminars wich covered topics such as veterinary matters, microchipping and breed presentations, as well as an international show which the participating heads of organisations were invited to judge.

This year's Congress was held in Malmo, Sweden from 5-8 March. The five Organisations represented were:


, a European based federation of cat fancies represented 33 countries in three continents, represented by Mrs. Alva Uddin ( President ).

The Cat Fanciers Association Inc. ( CFA )

represented by Mr. Donald Williams ( President ) and

The International Cat Association ( TICA )

, represented by Mr. Larry Paul ( President ), both based in the U.S.A. with member clubs in three continents.

The World Cat Federation ( WCF )

, represented by Mrs. Anneliese Hackmann ( President ) based in Germany with member clubs in five continents and strong representation in Eastern Europe.

The Australian Cat Federaton Inc. ( ACF )

, represented by Mrs. Lesley Morgan-Blythe, the international liaison officer.

In Order to give this annual forum a formal structure, a Charta was proposed and, subject to ratification by the boards of the participating organisations, will be adopted.

Included in this aims and objectives are:

Promotion of the health, welfare and protection of all cats on an international basis and to raise public awarness of the positive aspects of the cat fancy.

Dissemination of information on cat related diseases and support of research into such metters.

To provide information and support regarding feline legislation.

To foster international co-operation within the cat fancy and to discuss mutually acceptable policies affecting the recognition of breeds, the breeding, showing and judging cats.

Already, a list of general faults mutually recognised and agreed as undesirable in any breed of cat has been defined. This list places emphasis on physiological and genetic soundness.The meeting universally condemned recognition of breeds displaying features which were not natural to a cat, specifically the "twisty" or "kangaroo cat" which has deformed front legs.

The meeting elected Mrs. Alva Uddin from Gothenburg in Sweden, President of the FIFe, as the inaugural chairman for a period of two years. Mr. Donald Williams from the Ocala, Florida, U.S.A., President of CFA was elected as vice.chairman for a period of one year and Mrs. Penelope Bydlinski fron Kent, England, General-Secretary of the FIFe, was appointed as Secretary/Treasurer until 2001

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